The Economist

Being economist is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Life is worthwhile enough to avoid any other fields but Economics.

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Associate professor in the field of international economics

Karabük University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Department of Economics

Karabuk / Turkey

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Asymmetric Anlaysis
Asymmetric dynamics of economics! Why?
  • The substitution of a downward for an upward tendency often takes place suddenly and violently, whereas there is, as a rule, no such sharp turning point when an upward is substituted for a downward tendency.

  • ~ Keynes (1936, 314)

  • The nonlinearity of many macroeconomic variables and processes has long been recognized and nonlinearity is endemic within the social sciences and that asymmetry is fundamental to the human condition. (2014).

  • ~ Shin et al. (2014)

  • Extending forecasting models beyond linear models has for some time been considered one of the directions in which macroeconomic forecasting models would take resulting in improvements in forecasting these variables.There are good reasons to think that the true data generating processes of macroeconomic data are nonlinear. Nearly all economic models of the macro economy are very nonlinear.

  • ~ Gray Calhoun et al. (2012)
Eviews coding
Coding for Eviews! Why?

Indeed, I love coding in R project. However, Eviews is very easy to use, especially for beginners. Therefore, I am solicitous to make addins in order to make life easy for lazy economists (of course including me).

Some of my published papers
My published papers.

Thanks to all my co-authors.